What I Wish I Knew – 10 hardcover bundle


This bundle includes 10 hard cover copies of What I Wish I Knew: A Field Guide for Thriving in Graduate Studies.

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If you are enrolled in a graduate program, for any advanced degree, then this is the book for you! There are many unwritten rules in academia, with hidden checkpoints and milestones to seek along the way. Navigating this new territory requires a guide; a field guide, if you would.

Inside this book, you’ll find a roadmap for how to

  • go from the start of your degree to finishing without losing your mind,
  • adopt foundational work habits and techniques that enable success,
  • manage roadblocks and setbacks along the way without falling behind,
  • and then get a job offer you want to accept on the other side.

From cover to cover, this book is designed to be your cheat sheet, cheerleader, and go-to resource for thriving in your masters- or doctoral-level graduate program.