Alaina Talboy, PhD

Welcome! I am a cognitive scientist who is passionate about education, research, and all things math & science!

My research focuses on understanding how people use information to make informed decisions. 

Award-winning educator and researcher on probabilistic reasoning, problem solving, and decision making

Expertise in experimental design & analysis, advanced statistics, and mixed methodology

PhD in Cognition, Neuroscience, and Social Psychology from the University of South Florida

Dr. Talboy (center) and podmates at the 2012 APS Annual Convention in Orlando, FL.

Core Principles

My philosophy and approach to research, writing, and life in general is guided by the three principles of scientific thinking.

Question everything including authority, experts, and more importantly yourself, your assumptions, and your biases.

Maintain a healthy dose of open skepticism, tempered by a willingness to update beliefs based on new evidence.

Practice intellectual honesty above all else. It is OK to be wrong AND admit when you are wrong. We are all human and make mistakes.

Upcoming Events

Dr. Talboy and JDM labmates presenting at the Psychonomics and Judgment & Decision Making Conferences in Vancouver BC 2017.

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Her latest speaking engagement was at the Women in Tech Global Conference on June 7-11, 2021. She talked about her personal experience with imposter syndrome, and then stepped back to cover the different layers in workplaces and society that contribute to women feeling like imposters. At the end, she gave several concrete examples for how to address the larger systemic issues that drive feelings of imposterism.

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